Me, Myself and Irene

Me, Myself & Irene is the best Jim Carrey movie I’ve seen. I can say without too much fuss that I’m not quite mad about Jim Carrey’s style, but here, he was exceeding his talents. He has an extraordinary mimic, and he can move like some would be dancers who train years to do the same. One can think they’re tricks, and effects has been added to his face, only this sudden change of mimic as he’s another person altogether became Carrey’s trade mark.

Jim Carrey, as Charlie Baileygates / Hank Evans

[all pics are from imdb]

Unrealistic psychological comedy, the action moves around a Rhode Island state trooper’s schizophrenia who, after years of control, let his suppressed feelings free in the form of a split personality: cooler, sexier, nastier. Unfortunately, they’re both lame fighters, Charley the trooper and “Hank”, the macho dick. It is a good comedy/drama, another Farrelli Brothers creation. They were known for Dumb and Dumber, again with Jim Carrey along Jeff Daniels and Lauren Holly, There’s Something About Mary, with Cameron Diaz, Ben Stiller and Matt Dillon, The Heartbreak Kid, another one with Ben Stiller, this time near Malin Åkerman and Michelle Monaghan.

Another still of Jim Carrey and Renée Zellweger's picture...

Another still of Jim Carrey and Renée Zellweger’s picture…

We have some real actors here too, involved more or less in the action: Chris Cooper, as a not so clean policeman, Robert Forster, as a colonel, the trooper’s chief, and Richard Jenkins, an FBI agent. They and the others like Anthony Anderson (Jamaal), Mongo Brownlee (Lee Harvey), Jerod Mixon (Shonté Jr.), Michael Bowman (Whitey, the albino), Tony Cox (Shonté, the MENSA genius limo driver) and Traylor Howard (Layla, his wife).

Tony Cox in an extremely funny situation opposed Carrey and Howard “the wife”.

That above is the first funny scene in the movie, the beginning of a great change in Charlie’s life. I said I’m not Carrey’s biggest fan, but he’s a very good actor who sometimes saves the movie he’s acting in, sometimes not. I’m sure it’s not his acting which destroys a movie, he, like Leonardo DiCaprio, may not be enough for a production to be out of the sink. Critics are saying that Carrey’s performance in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, in 2004, was “the best, most mature and sharply focused performance ever.” Maybe. I liked this one here, most. I also liked Yes Man and Liar Liar.

with Renée Zellweger

Jim Carrey is a sad man. He was married twice, had a daughter from the first marriage, who in turn had a son with Alex Santana. His second wife was Lauren Holly from Dumb and Dumber, only for a year or so. He dated Zellweger, and was partner for over five years with Jenny McCarthy, with whom he led a “Green Our Vaccines” march in Washington, D.C., to advocate for the removal of toxins from children’s vaccines. Personally I don’t know if this is possible, the great majority of vaccines are not tested enough anyway, and a lot of the compulsory ones are quite highly toxic.

Up here, you have the trailer. I looked for some funny scenes crop, but they were spoiling the action, so this official trailer is just what you need to make an idea. Good luck with it. This is my first post in over a month. I had other hundred movies in mind, but I’ve chosen this one. I don’t know why exactly, perhaps I liked it.

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