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As I said in New Sub-Categories, I have added the Actors sub-category, with this as a first post. Robert Downey Jr. is one of my favorite actors of all time. I don’t know who is on the first place on my list (and be sure I have a list), and doesn’t matter anyway. Here will also be presented opinions on actors I don’t particularly like. A category, pardon me, a sub-category will be created with actresses, with the next post featuring one of them.

Roberd Downey Jr. – imdb avatar

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Robert Downey Jr. is an Aries born in 1965, on April 4, in Manhattan, New York. He is one of the most famous Hollywood actors of the moment, the most praised, anyway. He was nominated twice for Oscar, once in 1993, for Chaplin, a Best Actor in a Leading Role, and in 2009 for Tropic Thunder, a Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. I, personally, acknowledged him in The Pick-up Artist, a movie from 1987. The second great movie I’m aware of, was Chaplin from 1992, role which brought him his first Academy Award Nomination.

RDJ as “Chaplin”

From an ambitious TV reporter in Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers (1994) to an AIDS diagnosed artist in One Night Stand (1997), to a gay writer agent in one of the nicest films I’ve ever seen, Wonder Boys (2000), to the action psychological thriller Kiss Kiss Bang Bang where he’s a snatcher faking as an actor, in 2005.

in “Wonder Boys”

Year 2005 brought us George Clooney’s Oscar nomination for Best Directing where RDJ, or “Bob” played a dedicated reporter during Joseph McCarthy’s era, in Good Night, and Good Luck. Followed by a 2006 soap (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints) and a strangeness of nature who seduces a photographer in Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (same year, 2006). In 2007 I saw Zodiac, where he played an alcoholic reporter along Jake Gyllenhaal, a witty appearance in Lucky You (2007), where Eric Bana was the lead actor, an outraged alcoholic (yet again) principal in Charlie Bartlett (2007), that genius “Stark” character in Iron Man in 2008, a superbly acted comic character in Tropic Thunder. Later, in Sherlock Holmes as Sherlock Holmes, powerfully redefining the eccentric professor, under the Royal Couple’s acquaintance, Guy Ritchie, the European Tarantino to be, who is throwing with symbols more or less occult, he films in interesting locations, and he is strangely manipulating our minds. I don’t have a good feeling after any of his movies, there is something hidden and cruel in them. On the other side, “Bob” refreshes us with a comedy where not him was the comic, Due Date in 2010, and comes back with Guy Ritchie’s sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows in 2011, which doesn’t have my sympathy at all. With the Dragon Tattooed Girl’s support, Swedish Noomi Rapace, the film is weaker than the main one.

With Rachel McAdams in “Sherlock Holmes”

The Avengers (2012) is the last seen movie with this representative guy, but he’s working or he already worked to performances in some box-office treasures sequels: Iron Man 3, The Avengers 2. I don’t want to comment anything from his personal life, not the drugs, not his “Buddhist Jew’s” beliefs. He is a great actor, and as an actor I praise him.

His Top 10 “moments”:

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