NoFollow Tag Is Like a Condom

NoFollow link attribute rel="nofollow" was originally created to block search engines from following links in blog comments, due to the amount of blog comment spamming. In theory, this tag will not help spammers who spams in blog comments, to improve their search engine traffic. Dear friends, this is BS. I think I said more than once that if you moderate your blog comments, you are free to eliminate what you don’t like from your comments. Use Akismet if you are on WordPress and take a deep breath if you don’t. Unfortunately, since rel="nofollow" in comments on WordPress is a default, many newcomers do not realize what is happening. As I have seen, many of them, even if they know that, are not eager to spread the help of their precious link, they use the “nofollow” condom.

Commenting on a blog post adds more value to that blog post. A thought provoking sentence can lead to pages of comments. When someone takes the time to help building your site’s content by posting comments, it has to be a normal courtesy to give him your link love. When someone links to you and you put a “nofollow” tag to his link, is like you put a pair of latex gloves on your hand before shaking his. I know I’m not original saying that, but the general belief is that one doesn’t reach the top by “helping” others. This is “insider” information from the “specialists” and “scientists”, the Clan of Obnoxious Bloggers. The title came inexplicably from “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” with one woman with them. They all, without exception are promoting openly “generosity” and in particular they are the more greedy of all.

Welcome to The Clan!

Welcome to The Clan!


I was just observing around, that a lot of people I considered “generous” are not at all generous. On top of that, Google is messing around with “de-linking”, or more officially “disavowing bad linking”. What is that? Why? To help the Clan? To promote only their blogs to sell everything and letting them improve their scams? When I have noticed a few years ago that something was a little bit fishy with blogging and professional blogging, someone replied: “Why aren’t you doing like all the others? Their success is proved”. I said “No”.

I think I’m generous to help you. I think I’m generous by making all my blogs “dofollow” and by charging everyone only one hundred dollars for setting you a boosting blog. The rest is just hosting money. I saw something much less, I mean a sort of a package selling you a tutorial and a free membership to a certain blog, giving you just a theme with no rights over it. The charge is three hundred dollars. A hoax, actually.



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