I was a little bit aggressive in my previous post, especially after I found out I was right all the way in my earlier presumptions. Starting my annoyance, was a link (in fact two) I had on a prestigious blog. The link has been removed, in the hope I wouldn’t notice. I took it personal. After that I checked a little bit more, and I found a few more who tagged or re-tagged (whatever) their comment links with “nofollow”. Utterly disappointed and angrier by the moment, I wrote. I was so angry that I haven’t linked or forget to link my friendly offer when I mentioned it. After all, it’s on the blog, who will need it will find it anyway. Otherwise and in the mean time, I keep being polite…

INTJ politeness

I am… indeed… polite


Leaving the joke away, I have to tell that I was inspired by a post, and after that by the whole blog of a guy who had uncovered a lot more than me, along the way. That’s one post: BlogWorld III :: Attack of the Journalists.




After that, digging deeper, I found another post, this time from the “prestigious” (wired, like mashable, a site with a lot of filling instead of real info, and nobody cares), who sent me again to Chris Brogan in Scamworld. What? Brogan? (I’m not crying right now!!!)

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan

[unfortunately the source is from Scamworld’s site]

The guy is absolutely all that “saltydroid” says he is and something more. But, if you are some crumbs eater (I’m using this expression just to being polite), flattering Brogan or Rowse may be of help. Buying the Genesis Framework from Brian Clark’s network isn’t that bad (as far as I’m concerned, I think it was the best step I did in “blogging”, but let’s not getting confused now). I have observed some bloggers who did that with them and with others, like the other Australian, Yaro Starak. Their rates are improved. What was that it annoyed me was that I haven’t found any valuable information on Brogan’s site. I found some good one on, but it came from the guest bloggers who mostly promoted themselves (which is not bad at all) and Starak (he and Rowse are or were affiliates for each other) just credited a scamming “blueprint software” on some youngster’s spamming landing page. So, link to link I have discovered a lot of mixed info, and a lot of sites, or blogs or such… is right. Maybe a little too harsh in words (you see, the Clan of Obnoxious Bloggers pulled some tricks and have his Twitter account suspended), but he was right, it’s like the Skulls, or other “Secret Society”, to be successful, you have to be appointed, “made”. So, three years ago I have not showed my revolt, just to be prudent, it’s not advised to piss against the wind, or to spit, by the way. It is worse for other people to do it with the wind, to be appointed! I think I’ll take a rest with the subject for a while. Or not :)…

The video is from youtube, but I saw it on a fellow Romanian blogger‘s site, who unlike the Romanian Clan of Obnoxious Bloggers, is helping around quite a lot!

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