Backlinking and Google’s Black List

What may be the reasons for a site to being penalized by Google?

• By being infected with malware
• By having links to sites infected by malware
• By having links to sites with deceptive business practices

Don’t forget! The rest is just fruitless discussion.

You have to submit sitemaps to Google, regularly. A very good plugin was created for this, Google XML Sitemaps. You follow the instructions and your site is consequently submitted to Google, Yahoo, Bing, whatever. I don’t know if you need Bing, it’s almost worthless. Microsoft is still a power, only in matter of searching algorithms the joint with Yahoo’s Altavista is only to keep them busy. It’s ok for searching, but people prefer Google. Anyway, the free backlink checker from Yahoo which is no more now is a great loss for SEO world.

Maybe you’re little. A little site with a little business. Maybe you are just a site, and you need to be somehow found for your incessant wisdom. You sell nothing, you just share, and you have no funds to invest in “SEO”. Yahoo did it. They applied a ball kick.

I don’t trust many backlink checkers, of whom they aren’t free, they are created for businesses, for “pro bloggers” and for specialists, real specialists.

Link Building

Link Building


Ahrefs is good, but for the real deal you have to pay, which is somehow normal. Google’s Webmaster Tools is doing well, but it’s somehow not enough.

I’m not pitching anything here, I’m just sharing my cheap advice for cheap minds. The cheapest Ahrefs package is $790 per year, or if you pay monthly, it’s $79 per month. If you are a professional, you use a higher crawling package or services over $2000 per year, but of course if the metrics are of any value for your clients. You use the program to calculate what to do, in relation with your challengers.

The key of getting a good PageRank is Backlinks.

Four cheap advices from me, regarding Backlinks:

    Take it easy

  • Don’t overreact and blast your site with hundreds of links per day, but with one to three. The result will be everlasting

    Quality Over Quantity

  • Look for high quality links, do it like a PRO, be patient and find dofollow high PR links. When exchanging links with blogs or commercial sites, check them to not be the arena of illegal practices. Gambling and porn sites linking can ban you from certain directories. It’s up to you. Selling crap or malware is also illegal. Taking care is the best practice

    Use 301 redirects

  • Some say it’s important to keep one form for your site, to keep it simple, as without www, like or “two tier”, the classical You know that in a browser doesn’t matter, you’ll be directed to that site even if you used the www in front as well. For crawlers it counts. They consider different from, so the link juice will avoid you if you don’t redirect. Of course, it’s the same if you change the name, the domain, if you import a PR 5 blog to a new self hosted domain sitting on a nice framework. Of course you’ll be starting fresh, but not for too long. The juice will follow if correctly redirected.

    Be inventive!

  • Link to all range of sites, not only to same types. Link to a diversity of IP’s. Don’t make it unnatural. Keep it slow and diverse. The rules are logical, but if Google will make them unnatural, the sharks will piss the rules and Google will come back again, as it did every time

A tool powered by Ahrefs is Backlink Watch. Not bad but not enough, you’ll see on your own, if you’ll ever need to check it. They advertise the trade of some high PR backlinks. Don’t be bothered by that, they’re not malware. They analyze only one thousand domains.

Above is Google’s engineer Matt Cutts who talks about what was always valuable for traffic.


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