Pineapple Express

In 2008 I was in some place where I used to be so busy every day, that I couldn’t watch too many movies at once. This one, Pineapple Express slipped from the bundle, mostly that I was a fan of nobody from the movie at the time, and thinking that this is the team who brought Superbad to be a “hit” (great words, too great) was not an advantage at all. So, I considered Superbad a bad joke. I like comedies, I always liked them. Anyway, I wasn’t a fan of Seth Rogen either, and I profoundly disliked James Franco.

In time, I discovered that Rogen isn’t so bad after all, he has a standard of playing the obvious “Jewish Guy” all the time, and he can be good at it. James Franco captured my whole attention after Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours, when I was extremely impressed with the movie and acting all together. Gary Cole, “Nighthawk” Killian, wasn’t a trump for the movie, so the others didn’t count. I was inspired and I gave it another try, and it wasn’t that bad. In time, there’s five years, I think, I became less passionate in judging my dislikes. Not that I’m willing to go over them softly, but when I see a talent, I appreciate it with all my heart. There is a lot of talent in this hemp smokers movie. It is not the first and it is not the last I’ve seen and it will ever be produced. If they’re gonna legalize Marijuana after all, it’ll be for the best. Actually it’s about the hemp which has to be legalized again, as a textile plant. Unfortunately, as I haven’t had something else to choose for fresh review, I noticed that this is the second grass smoking friendly movie on this blog, in a row.

James Franco, Seth Rogen - Pineapple Express

James Franco, Seth Rogen – Pineapple Express

Not a bad one, this is relating to a special developed sort of hemp, called “Pineaplle Express”, hence the title. Not a terrible screenplay, a little bit dumb, but after all it’s very amusing. Franco is amusing, Cole is amusing, Danny McBride is amusing, Amber Heard is unreallistically Rogen’s teenager girlfriend, and was good as decor. Rosie Perez played a female cop, Kevin Corrigan and Craig Robinson played Coles gorillas.

Pineapple Express - poster

Pineapple Express – poster


Directed by David Gordon Green, written by Seth Rogen himself and Evan Goldberg.
111 minutes, a full 7 imdb rating (I gave it an 8 to push it a little bit higher), released in 2008. Down here, you have a sort of a trailer.


I haven’t been impressed with the trailer. Not at all.


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