What Is Going to Happen? Web 3.0

I wanted to name this article something like this: Blogging, where to? , but I got distracted and some other ideas popped up not leaving me just with what you have here. I hope I’m gonna be clear enough in telling you that it seems it’ll be tough for newbies and non-celebs. By celebrities, I mean the already known people on the internet at the moment, be them good or bad, the “verified”, the rock stars, the “winning” actors, the bunch of Grogans or Kim Kardashian.

They say it’ll be different. Your content needs to create engagement from the masses, it has to be spread in social media, it needs to be viral through it’s quality, clarity, diversity and momentum.




It has to be medium sized, and original. It’ll be tough. You remember what Google’s Eric Schmidt said about the “author rank”, another factor which will count in the future of the web. If you write for the prestigious The New York Times, you’ll have a greater rank than the poor one from the blogspot no rank (alexa) blog. It’s normal somehow, but sometimes, people write better stuff on their blogspot than Mashable or The Huffington Post.

What I am sure, because it’s obvious that we are growing through Idiocracy, not an evolution, is that sheep will remain sheep and will not let the mainstream go so easily. What quality content can one find on The Huffington Post? What quality content produces Rihanna on Twitter?

But they sell whatever is to be bought, whatever has to be fed to the rest.

So, designs will change again, we will be not anymore equals on the web (I doubted that we ever have been equals), and if you don’t have social media activity you will cease to exist on the web.

Web Evolution

Web Evolution


I was, I am disappointed of all of that because QUALITY is really rare and virality can be created easily only by “I can has cheezburger” or Mashable. Mashable, offers sometimes useful info, most of the time is filling. Anyway, better than others I don’t name here. Better than the mainstream papers which are filling their pages with subliminal nonsense.

Boys and girls, I’m in love with Google Plus. I’m not the only one who says to make a profile there, because as long as it goes, this is the highest Social Media Tool. It’s actually the “hottest”, only I don’t like the word, the term. By the way, if you like my new comments plugin named Google Plus Comments, you can download it from the provided link.

To be continued…


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