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I am so in love with Google Plus, I can’t stop sharing it. This can be a sequel to my previous post, The Art of Circle Sharing, because is related to engagement created when sharing a circle, more than any other engagement. This is something very simple measured. I hope you remember the most efficient way to express your feelings on Google Plus, “Plus, comment, share!”? Logically, there are three categories who express engagement and made the top: The circle with the most re-shares, the circle with the most +1s and the circle with the most comments.

CircleCount.com, is a site made for this sort of measuring and for helping you, the Google Plus user, to have a better orientation there. You can see who created circles with you in them, you can see your position in your country top or on the world. You can check some lies there as well, but don’t accuse anyone before checking a few times. The site measures huge parameters, they don’t always update in time to the last data, but it’s almost more than anyone can hope at the moment. A lot of features are in beta and they are still working on it.

Circles on Deviant Art



The philosophy is simple and anyone can figure it out. You have to be observant!

  • The engagement level is created by the people in the circle and the ones who want to be added.
  • A bigger circle creates more engagement than a smaller circle.
  • If you answer to all the people who commented, one by one, you double the number of the comments, so, again, the bigger the circle, the greater the potential number of comments on the post sharing the circle. I consider this artificial, but if you want to beat that top, you have to be prepared to do that as well.
  • If you want to be sure of the engagement, you have to tag people in the post sharing the circle. If you tag all of them, you are greater chance to be answered somehow, by a greater part of the circle members. This is another artificiality I don’t particularly like, but if you want to beat the engagement’s tops, “the more plussed” and “the more re-shared circle”, it’s better if you do it, you have a greater chance to make the top three list
  • It’s a courtesy to plus someone who mentioned you, who salutes you, who re-shares you. Sometimes you plus someone’s affirmation showing that you agree with it.
  • I observed that people may still consider circle sharing less dignified, something similar with Twitter’s “FollowFridays”. If ffs lost very quick their efficiency on attracting followers for the people mentioned, circle sharing is not on that stage, on the contrary… I’ve already mentioned in my previous posts on this category, that if you are not a recognized celebrity, this is the way to know new people and exchange impressions with them. Of course, if you’re selling some crap, you’re going to loose them for sure. No matter what you sell, make it elegantly and don’t annoy others, it’s not the way to “convert”.
  • It is of extremely bad taste to send the e-mail to people announcing them that they are in the new circle created and “do your stuff there, I have just warned that you are in the circle”. Nobody is compelled to do a thing! Not even to plus you, or comment.
  • The engagement level is done also by the number of followers the circle’s creator has. Of course it’s not compulsory, but it’s of a greater probability for someone with over twenty thousand followers to make the top than someone with just five thousand followers.
  • If a discussion is created, the shared circle has a theme or the sharer is quite known, the comments are never ending, but I’m going to speak more about that in a future post :).

That’s all with the “philosophy” for the moment, I notice that I’m repeating myself quite a lot. I have my own conviction (especially after I met the term google plus bloggers, recently on a post) and that is the following: If you want to express yourself efficiently, do it on a blog of your own. The better the platform, the greater the efficiency. Google Plus can amplify the effect. I know that when Google bought blogspot they implied that you can do better by using free stuff, but on the same time, they work together with the others to devalue the “free stuff” because it is not considered. Of course the dust in your eyes is that you can use adsense on a blogspot, meaning that you can “monetize” a blogspot. It’s a shame indeed.

To be continued…. (yet again)…


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