Annoying Secrets on Google Plus

Sharing one of your public circles (or the “upgraded” version of it) every day, is really annoying for your public, but it seems that it works for some of you, quite very well!

Mentioning every member of that circle in comments to your own sharing is also working, but is annoying! You, my friends and future friends, think that some of the “circle sharers” mention you out of respect and consideration? Not at all, you are wrong! It is begging for re-shares, “plus ones”, comments… The more the re-shares, or “plus ones” or comments, the closer the chance to do the top in CircleCount!

Being in one of the three sections of that weekly top, “the most shared circle”, “circle with most +1s”, “circle with most comments”, makes you “public”! There are presented the first five circles in any section, so theoretically there are fifteen circles there, practically they are mostly the same, I haven’t seen more than seven-eight differently circles, because they create “engagement” on all three sections!

The Tops! - Screenshot from

The Tops! – Screenshot from

I figure that “the sharing” is just for the top! You beg people to re-share, you share it five (or even ten) times each with your different twenty accounts and pages, and you make it! Making it, you finally attract the attention you crave, because scrolling down on the top page, one finds the top five circles with most +1s. The most realistic of the three tops, because one can’t plus the circle more than once! So, as many plus ones you got, that many fans you have!

“The most commented circle of the week top”, the third on that page, is the lamest when you, the circle creator mention every member of the circle, in groups of 15-17. It’s more annoying when you start re-mention them, begging for a second share, or even thanking them. Sometimes you mix your lists and you mention people who are not in the circle, annoying them at least once. It’s a sure practice to do the top, the best thing is that the comments’ limit is five hundred. Anyway, as easy to cheat as the sharing!

I also know that you can claim the lack of synchronicity on Google Plus, because sometimes, when you share your circle publicly and with the circle itself, members don’t receive the notification. Sometimes, they have the notifications disabled, but that’s another point. Most of the time, CircleCount has it registered, and if you want to be sure, you share yourself your circle there! Everybody who cares to check, will find that it has been shared in your circle, you don’t have to annoy anyone more than that!

What counts more than everything in this circle sharing stuff, is that you are included in the circle! The circle has to be added by someone new every time, in order to gaining more followers, you know? If you aren’t on SUL (Suggested Users List; I quite do not understand how people got there, what is the algorithm, or condition), this is one of the only methods for you, to be found by new people. Of course, there is Twitter, my beloved neglected Twitter, my first clients recruitment bank, your calls there may attract common “social media friendships” on Google Plus! Sharing your content in communities is another method to catch new followers, sharing good content re-shared by your followers is a sure way to acquire new, quality friends, because your friends have other followers of their own and from here on, it’s logic that you are exposed!

On Pinterest, the reverse is available, because the site shows only the Twitter link and the Facebook link near your profile, you can direct your Google Plus friends “to follow you” on Pinterest. But what’s the fix with that, if you are not representing a brand?

I don’t like to be blackmailed to share circles just to remain in them! (Remember that important is to be in the circle). I know that this is not available with old friends, because they know that even if I don’t share their circles with my own profile anymore, they are in all my own public circles, which are shared with my own profile!

If someone blackmails me, it can very well uncircle me, because I won’t care. If someone is a whale, and it put in practice the “threats”, it means that I don’t need that person, and that person is not for me either. What I gain through this blackmailing is not useful for me, it’s clear.

This and other Social Media stuff, remain to be discovered on your own, or, reading here, on my blog!


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