Beautiful Budapest

In Budapest

Budapest is a city crossed (and divided in two) by the Danube, and it is the capital of Hungary, a Catholic country former part of the Hapsburg Empire. Hungarians themselves are descendants of Turkic populations from Urals Mountains which invaded the Carpathian Basin around 862 AD, mixed with Khazars. They are not Huns. They may have some Gepidic blood, because Gepids are the ones who defeated Huns and erased them from historical existence after 454 AD. The name comes from Buda and Pest, the … [Read more...]

The joy of discovery

Prague (from

I always liked to travel. I was lucky, I had traveler parents when I was a child. They gathered together with other family friends and spent long holidays, driving in different places through the country. Mine is very beautiful, and I was glad every time we left it, but really happy when we came back. The farthest we went those times, was Germany, the "democratic" one of the two. There were times when travel over national borders was restricted, controlled and directed mostly to the "friends" … [Read more...]