Che Guevara, a Wrong Myth

Truthful T-Shirt Image about Che Guevara

A few years ago, wandering on maybe the most famous Istanbul street but the less visited by tourists because they're lured to different objectives in different parts of the great city, I have heard for the first time the piece of music featured in the video at the end of this article. One of the wrong myths of the last century, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna y Lynch, known as “el Che”, was fortunate enough to meet the right bunch to become famous. Unfortunately he doesn’t deserve to be famous, … [Read more...]

Turkey and Turkish politics – part four

Signed Photograph of Adolf Hitler and His Best Wishes for Reza Shah Pahlavi - from wikipedia

With the previous post on the topic, I ended the period of Turkey's formation as a "modern" country, a period where the people was ordered to look to the European West instead of Mecca. I haven't mentioned the fact that Iran's Shah Reza Pahlavi I, was a great admirer of Atatürk, wanting to do the same, in Iran. More to know of The expat Shah's father, is his admiration for another "great" man of the modern history. When you wish for power and you got it, you may think that … [Read more...]