Turkey and Turkish politics – part three


I'm very late with part three of this short Turkish history briefing, especially because I was busy with things more trendy, like rising money for charitable reasons or chatting on Twitter, and because I was very confused on talking objectively about this chapter, which is mostly about the creator of the Turkish modern state, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. I'm not going to repeat when he was born, I'm telling you that he was born in Salonika, Ottoman Empire, actually Thessaloniki, Greece. A thing the … [Read more...]

A few facts about Turkey and Turkish politics – part two

A militant for Armenian claims

In the first part of this topic, you were briefed of Turks origins as people and The Decline and Fall of the Ottoman Empire of which I'm going to finish here. After the Young Turks revolution and the second Constitutional Era, in the Empire major reforming attitudes were shown, the Cretans declared union with Greece, the Albanians declared the Latin Alphabet as the standard script and the Italians declared war. It happened in 1919. Seeing how easy it was, the Balkan League attacked the … [Read more...]