Noble House - book cover

James Clavell’s Noble House

I have recently re-read this huge novel, in an edition spread on over fourteen hundred pages and I liked it a little bit less than the first two readings. I found it entertaining but dull and less credible, more like a South American telenovella, where rarely a character is other than black or … [Read More...]

Motion Picture

The Human Contract - Jason Clarke, Paz Vega

The Human Contract

“The Human Contract” seems to be a cookie baked in the Smith family. Jada Pinkett Smith is the writer, director, and actress, Will Smith is an executive producer. It catches the viewer, because it starts almost abruptly in a bar, with the handsome "Julian Wright" (played by “Zero Dark Thirty” and … [Read More...]


Turkish PacMan

Turkish PacMan Eats Twitter

Twitter has been banned in Turkey. It is nothing unnatural, considering the Turkish past, especially the recent one, since the beginning of the internet era. What I say here, now, is from an uncontested personal view, and it is not my intention to create any discontent between Turkey and its … [Read More...]


Olive Oil and Green Olives Composition

About Olive Oil, an Ingredient for Life

I have spent a few important years in Turkey. The rural population consider it an important olive oil producer and exporter. Fortunately, the villagers who own olive trees, have also virgin olive oil. Unfortunately, one cannot find in supermarkets something remotely closer even to that, because what … [Read More...]


Dolph Lundgren in "Masters of the Universe"

Google, the Tool – Another Essay

I have been enraged when I figured out that Facebook’s creators signed the pact with the devil and facilitate it to become one of the most important tools to manipulating its users’ minds, under the mask of “connecting people” (excuse me the use of Nokia’s motto). I have calmed instantly. Money … [Read More...]

Social Media

circles of trust

Circle Sharing – Personal Approach

I loved sharing circles, I have been enthralled of it, but my computer is very tired, and that is not good. I like to consider myself a perfectionist, even knowing that I’m not perfect at all. Google is evolving; the scripts used on G+ are exponentially multiplying every day. I remember when I made … [Read More...]


Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya, Lion Rock, in Sri Lanka

Inspired again by the astonishing Pinterest, I thought it better to publish again in this category. I had a few Sinhalese mates in the past, you maybe remember that I'm a retreated ship engineer, with plenty of contacts, and deeply involved in the human nature. Unfortunately, I learned mostly … [Read More...]

The Shadows

John Kerry, Secretary of State, USA

Ocean Governance

At the end of February, between 24-26, took place the “World Ocean Summit 2014”, an event organized by “The Economist” Magazine and some world leaders too. This year’s Goal can be resumed in these few words, taken from the magazine’s site:  “Governance is critical—our seas are in trouble for want … [Read More...]