Danny MacAskill - Wallpaper from his own website.

When a Sport Becomes an Art

I have been truly impressed by Danny MacAskill in 2009 when he released the first video presented on this post. I really wanted to show just a few videos here, without too many explanations, since they are very explicit, but a post is a post and it needs words, at least in my book. What follows is … [Read More...]

Motion Picture

Best Picture - Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Oscars 2015 – The Results

Here is the full list of nominees and winners of the 87th Academy Awards, after the ceremony held on February 22nd, 2015. As you will see, no surprises, nothing out of range. Everybody almost expected these particular awards, I have no comments to add. Finally, Mr. Iñárritu has been awarded how he … [Read More...]


Smartphones and Apps

Facebook Drains Your Smartphone Battery

I have recently noticed (yesterday, actually) a "news" article on my Google News, regarding the AVG antivirus software firm which attracted the users attention on accessing Facebook through the mobile browser. Of course, the article was second hand already, the info being taken from Business … [Read More...]


Nadia Comăneci, the first "perfect" gymnast

Careful When You Publish “News”

Not once I've seen "respectable" news blogs or media online publications wannabe, just filling the space in order to keep daily posting alive. If you leave the announcement short, without too many insider details, avoiding to be too specific on what you already snatched from another respectable … [Read More...]


Alexa Ranking

The Intricacies of Alexa Ranking

Alexa Rank is a public metric that shows a domain position in a global list of all registered active domains. Small sites subdomains are not considered separately, one sees the proper domain's rank when checking. To not be confused with PR, which is a different sort of ranking (considered very … [Read More...]

Social Media

Short Guide on Tsu

I'm relatively new on Tsu, and now I'm very sorry I haven't joined earlier. Every day counts. I find Tsu as the most exciting social media site to date. That is because it’s full of young people who don’t give a penny to know how big a shot you are on Google Plus, that being the reason I haven’t … [Read More...]


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

10 Disappearing Beaches

When seas rise, beaches disappear. And even setting climate change aside, scientists predict a twenty-five–thirty centimeters rise in ocean levels by the end of this century. And for each two and a half centimeters the ocean rises, a beach gets on average one meter narrower. You may add to that … [Read More...]

The Shadows

Herman Van Rompuy and Mark Zuckerberg

About Modern Censorship

Half of my life I lived under a regime of dictatorship. As a kid I didn't feel it that strong, growing up I have discovered it insane. Beside any stupidities concerning the rulers, censorship is what I hated most. When Gorbachev launched his transparency in politics platform, people started to see … [Read More...]