Mad Men Finals - Don Draper

Last Season of Mad Men

A few days ago, on Sunday, April 5'th 2015, just started the last installment of Mad Men franchise, one of the best TV shows ever aired. It is a general conclusion that it is one of the best because of the high professionalism of people involved and the awards it received up to this moment. I wanted … [Read More...]

Motion Picture

True Romance - Patricia Arquette, Christian Slater

True Romance

True Romance is a 1993 American action romantic crime film directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino. It is very entertaining, and it has a freshness that has reached even Tarantino's taste. He declared at a moment that he wouldn't have directed it better than Tony Scott. It is his … [Read More...]


Smartphones and Apps

Facebook Drains Your Smartphone Battery

I have recently noticed (yesterday, actually) a "news" article on my Google News, regarding the AVG antivirus software firm which attracted the users attention on accessing Facebook through the mobile browser. Of course, the article was second hand already, the info being taken from Business … [Read More...]


Pope Francis is welcomed by mufti of Istanbul Rahmi Yaran

Pope Francis Doesn’t Love the Turks

"We will not allow historical incidents to be taken out of their genuine context, and be used as a tool to campaign against our country," are the words said by the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after Pope Francis urged the Christian European Lieders to recognize the killing of "up to 1.5 … [Read More...]


Alexa Ranking

The Intricacies of Alexa Ranking

Alexa Rank is a public metric that shows a domain position in a global list of all registered active domains. Small sites subdomains are not considered separately, one sees the proper domain's rank when checking. To not be confused with PR, which is a different sort of ranking (considered very … [Read More...]

Social Media

Google Giant

Google Plus – a Fall from Grace

I have never considered myself a nagger regarding every single change in social media, I have always thought that every change is a new step through progress. I have rarely complained, but I have tried to highlight something wrong when I saw it. Of course, we can be more subjective than objective, … [Read More...]


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

10 Disappearing Beaches

When seas rise, beaches disappear. And even setting climate change aside, scientists predict a twenty-five–thirty centimeters rise in ocean levels by the end of this century. And for each two and a half centimeters the ocean rises, a beach gets on average one meter narrower. You may add to that … [Read More...]

The Shadows

Herman Van Rompuy and Mark Zuckerberg

About Modern Censorship

Half of my life I lived under a regime of dictatorship. As a kid I didn't feel it that strong, growing up I have discovered it insane. Beside any stupidities concerning the rulers, censorship is what I hated most. When Gorbachev launched his transparency in politics platform, people started to see … [Read More...]