Saturday Night Live - one of the best casts ever

Saturday Night Live, the Most Hilarious Show

Saturday Night Live is one of the most hilarious shows ever to be aired. The concept and the wit of the sketches are not to be seen anywhere. It is humor in its purest sense. Everything is done because of the talented creators and actors. I have compiled such a list on imdb, called "The Best SNL … [Read More...]

Motion Picture

The Believer - Ryan Gosling, Summer Phoenix

The Believer

The Believer is a 2001 Ryan Gosling drama movie, directed and written by Henry Bean. It is said and strongly believed that this is the role launching Gosling's career at Hollywood. He was and is better than just a good looking guy amongst other thousands. He is very talented, no matter what lists … [Read More...]


Fifa 2014 World Cup Qualifiers

Spain Is in Pain

The World Football Champion en titre, meaning Spain, is not going to qualify after the groups stage. In the meantime, King Juan Carlos, abdicated in favor of his son, Felipe IV. They have one more match in Group B, with Australia, ant it won't be a surprise if they will manage a nil match. Group … [Read More...]


Olives and Olive Oil

About Olive Oil, an Ingredient for Life

I have spent a few important years in Turkey. The rural population consider it an important olive oil producer and exporter. Fortunately, the villagers who own olive trees, have also virgin olive oil. Unfortunately, one cannot find in supermarkets something remotely closer even to that, because what … [Read More...]


Wordpress Plugins

Essential Plugins For Your WordPress Site

This is a list of essential plugins you have to install on your blog for the best functioning. These days, I'm going to create a booklet on the subject, which you'll be able to download as a free gift from me. But let's start, first! As Nick the Geek says, "must have plugins are a myth". I am not … [Read More...]

Social Media

Sharing Circles on G+

Circle Sharing on G+, a Few More Words

All my circle shares are made to honor you! Technical problems kept me from making my presence adequately felt. I regret that I couldn't thank everyone enough for keeping me in their circles without asking anything. I have disappointed the ones that asked for the moon, and I'm sorry for that. I … [Read More...]


Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya, Lion Rock, in Sri Lanka

Inspired again by the astonishing Pinterest, I thought it better to publish again in this category. I had a few Sinhalese mates in the past, you maybe remember that I'm a retreated ship engineer, with plenty of contacts, and deeply involved in the human nature. Unfortunately, I learned mostly … [Read More...]

The Shadows

John Kerry, Secretary of State, USA

Ocean Governance

At the end of February, between 24-26, took place the “World Ocean Summit 2014”, an event organized by “The Economist” Magazine and some world leaders too. This year’s Goal can be resumed in these few words, taken from the magazine’s site:  “Governance is critical—our seas are in trouble for want … [Read More...]