Google Reader Will Shut Down

I’ve seen the announcement in a normal morning, opening my reader as usual. I consider messages coming like that at least disturbing. It’s typical Google, as happens when I open gmail. It’s like opening the Pandora’s Box. All Google scripts starts to load your browser, your computer and what you don’t know.

Google Reader, the best RSS reader on the internet at the moment, the most complex, the less annoying, is going to be removed from service on July 1. You, me, him or her, were advised to transfer data on browser, using this sort of google help link, which will take you to a service called Google Takeout

Google Takeout

Google Takeout

You click on the red button “Create Archive” and a zip file will be created for you to download. I’ve read immediately some “news” about it on Mashable, of course, the first to comment as it’s normal. I have been harsh on them, because their violent syndication and the simple goal of creating posts just for filling (I think I’ve started to use too freely this word), leading only to tons of traffic and an artificial recognition. But they’re good because they are in the middle of events, connected everywhere, and they make it look as they have some sort of exclusivity on Social Media. Of course, this sort of news aren’t the kind to be announced on Facebook where sheep and wolves would be hit by them with the same force. You make it in a post, and by being the first to advertise that post. So I took it slowly, and left Mashable alone. Christina Warren offered three alternatives to Google Reader: Feedly, NewsBlur and The Old Reader.

Google Reader Logo

Google Reader Logo


Before writing anything on the matter, I opened The Old Reader because it was the last. Feedly is a reader which I have used before, as an addon for my browser, extremely functional because of that, but sincerely I didn’t like it. Also, having opened The Old Reader, I was crushed by the message that I have to subscribe to everything manually, because they don’t have the time to do it. I’ve started with the first groups, but stopped after that, thinking to research more. Re-added the addon from Feedly, again didn’t like it, I have some displaying problems so the RSS reader must accommodate them. They’re connected anyway with Google Reader, normally, the changes in one, affect the other. I thought I’m stuck with it.

Same evening, The Old Reader opened up a little, letting me to upload the subscriptions.xml file from the .zip. The other were .json and were not accepted, meaning the machine didn’t take my “liked” or “starred posts”. But they screened the message that some nineteen thousand people were in front of me on the queue, so I have to wait in line and they’ll send me a note.

NewsBlur looks fine, but it is not free. It’s not a heavy eater like your hosting service or other subscribed services, but it is not free, it’s a petty $1 per Month. A jewel. The free service offered only 64 subscriptions with one refresh per site, I suppose. Because of the high level of loading, they’ve got traffic now, of course, they reduced the subscription to 12. Nice. But for sure, the dollar is efficiently spent.

I have tried another one, called netvibes, which is actually a deck like TweetDeck, only in your browser. Not bad, but I’ve lost my feeds at a moment. There are tons of options, they give you with the feeds reader a fried chicken oven, plus a chips making machine with games, Coca Cola and popcorn on the side, just like Facebook and The Old Myspace together. You have the option to “socialize” during your activities which have to be monitored through netvibes, which comes with a PLAN. Free for individuals, and not free for Entreprises. Yeah. I wait the moment when someone will create the program Battlestar Galactica. I’ve deleted my account.

Wrong Killing

Wrong Killing


This drawing reminds me of Team America.

So, my conclusion was there is no reader like Google Reader. Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate…. Til yesterday night when I found in my inbox the message announcing me that The Old Reader finished to import my Google Reader subscriptions!

It looks marvelous! Be patient and continue with The Old Reader! The rest of them are just jokes. Oh, and you still have the time to bookmark your “likes” or “starred items”, do a Spring Cleaning!


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